Scrum doesn't have to be complicated

Keep track of all your tasks, bugs and meetings.
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Why did we build DirectScrum? We saw that the current solutions for tracking Agile projects were either too simple (Trello) or that they go a bit overkill (Jira). We build DirectScrum to sit right there in the middle. Developed for small teams that want to work Agile but don't know the ins and outs of the Methodology.
Who are we? We are a team of students in the Netherlands. We are passionate about web programming to be more specific: Laravel, VueJS and TailwindCSS.
When is DirectScrum available to use? We plan to release a beta version to early adopters. We will be listening for feedback and tweaking the product, a bit agile ;). Subscribe to the mailing list to be notified when we go online.
Kanban 2.0 Track subtasks within a user story for a more detailed experience. Don't worry, you can also create user stories without subtasks.
Finer tasks tracking
Intuitive new kanban layout
Quick Dashboard We don't want you enslaved on our website. That is why you can view, add and update your tasks right from the dashboard.
A quick overview of all your tasks
View upcoming meetings
Meeting Manager We all love meetings #sarcasm. Agile has its fair share of meetings, but they're all with a goal in mind. We help you to keep track of them all.
Meetings suggestions
Calendar integration
Rightclick Everywhere! "Damn that's handy" is what you will be thinking when using our handy implemented right-click menu.
Super handy dandy navigation
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